Crown Ridge Place
Crown Ridge Place Services


Attractive and nutritious meals and snacks are prepared daily in our kitchen, under the direction of a Licensed Dietician and our Nutritional Care Manager.


Residents can spend time with friends in the lounge, watch the large screen television or relax in one of the cozy, private areas available. Comfortable chairs and tables in the common areas provide a place for cards, games and conversations. A piano awaits a resident, entertainer or guest. Our Life Enrichment Co-ordinator develops a monthly Activity Calendar of events with input from our residents. Family and friends are welcome to participate. Monthly resident council meetings ensure input and satisfaction for our residents and their families.


Our facility is staffed by Registered Nurses and other professional personnel on a 24-hour basis. An Advisory Physician is retained to oversee all matters relating to medical care. Whenever possible, residents are welcome to medical care provided by their physician of choice.

Pastoral Care

Interdenominational services are a part of our monthly calendar of events. Residents are welcome to participate in the services of their choice.

Short Stay Program:

The Short Stay Program has been developed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to provide support to the community for Respite or Supportive Care when needed.  Clients utilizing the short stay program are expected to return to their home following the short stay.

The Short Stay Program is divided into two programs, Respite and Supportive care (convalescence) in those long term care homes with approved short stay beds by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Crown Ridge Place has been approved to participate in the Short Stay program, providing this type of accommodation for one female applicant at any given time.

The Respite Program provides relief for the caregiver who is caring for persons with disabilities and seniors. The maximum length of stay per visit is 30 days with a total combined maximum of 90 days per year.

The Supportive Care Program provides persons discharged from an acute care setting whose medical conditions are stable but require an additional period of time to recover their strength before returning to their home. Please note that the supportive care program is not a rehabilitation program. The maximum length of stay is 30 days with the possibility of one 30 day extension.

Application to the Short Stay program is made through the Belleville office of the South East Community Care Access Centre (CCAC), located at 470 Dundas St. East, Belleville Ont. K8N 1G1. Phone (613) 966-3530